Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uangry?
It is a place to post what "makes you angry" whether it is about you or about the world. You can share the image, news, video, or even post the story. Let other people know about what is wrong and what makes you angry that is going on the world and also share what makes you angry that is happening to you.
How do I post?
Signup a account on the top right either through facebook or merely signing up. It does not require a name therefore allows anonymous posting. After signup just press submit a post and if you want to post a image/video/url along with it post it in the url textbox. Write and submit! Urls will be approved manually by moderators unless it is in the approved list!
How is the posts on homepage ranked?
Currently, the homepage is ranked based on people who pressed "made me angry" entirely and if you want to view the recent posts press newest posts.