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After a high school basketball game which was played in

On 27/01/2013 9:02:pm

That's really horrible and I wonder how can they take this things seriously they should have someone who can control this things.

In every supermarket there is the express lane. These lanes

On 27/01/2013 9:04:pm

Yes I agree with you here in New Zealand people who don't understand and go with too many items.

A man in India was given the death penalty after

On 27/01/2013 9:05:pm

That's insane and I think he should hang in public.

Man when the girl of your dreams gets away and

On 27/01/2013 9:06:pm

It is common specially in my native country India. Girls are worst.:D

A 25-year old who was the victim of a rape,

On 27/01/2013 9:07:pm

That's horrible and how can it possible man!