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About The UAngry Team

Uangry's team are full of dedicated people who work to ensure the website is up and running. They are always working hard to fix bugs, improve user experience, and add new features.

Feel free to send us a message us using the message feature for bugs or features you want to add. Or feel free to even message support[@]uangry.com instead.

Click on our profiles to learn more and even find our profiles on Uangry.

Albert Tai
CEO and Founder
He created his first site when he was 11, made his first thousand when he was 12, sold his first site when he was 12, and started earning ad revenue when he was 12. At age of 13, he had his software, programmed with visual basic, listed on tucows, download.com, and all the prominent download sites. He started with nothing, literally, when he was 11 with a hosting company providing him hosting and a domain and from that he built a web network. He loves swimming (he is actually a lifeguard), and loves helping out communities. he plays gta4, blackops, blackops II on ps3 alot and also plays counterstrike on computer. His favorite hobby is building websites and promoting it. He always believe there is so much more to learn in everything, you cannot learn everything in a specific topic. He continues to strive to seek knowledge in SEO, web design, web development, server management, and more.
Saad Ahmed
Saad Ahmed is a second year student in UWO in biotech and loves computer science. He likes to listen to rap music. He likes Dr. Dre.
Sibtain Raza
Graphic designer
I'm Sibtain and I'm awesome, true story! Photoshop Guru, self-proclaimed Journalist, Amateur Photographer and an Architect in making... In a nutshell, that means that I sit at my shiny computer all day long creating snazzy designs for cool folks from around the world. It’s great!
Shubham Jain
He studies at Studies at Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur.
Umar Azhar
Umar Azhar currently attends UWO for science. He is extremely skilled in the art of programming in JAVA and continues to learn more about it.
Administrator / Spam Prevention
He likes need for speed and driving fast cars. He doesn't like ps3 and prefers a xbox.
Future staff
Future Staff
Future Staff
Future Staff